TherapyRoom: a Website Putting Psychotherapists and Clients Together Online – ECDP 2021 / Poster Session

TherapyRoom would help mental health professionals and clients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemics, but it would also be extremely useful in the future

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Ceyda Kıyak1, Giada Bonzi1

1 – Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano, Italy

Kiyak e Bonzi - POSTER ECDP 2021


Messaggio pubblicitario MASTER DSA We are introducing here “TherapyRoom”, a website designed specifically for online psychotherapy sessions, which was conceived due to the lack of a tool specialized for online sessions (e-therapy). It will include several ad hoc functionalities: video-meeting platform  (with captions, recordings, timer, backgrounds changing/sharing and a newly designed  function, a virtual transparent notepad), archive, calendar, payments, notifications, and real chat system.

The mock-up was tested with user-centered design approach to test for the service’s  requirements mostly appreciated by clients and therapists, specifically with twelve users, following the think-aloud protocol. Expert interviews (N=12) was also conducted, as well as a  survey designed with Qualtrics (N=84) inquiring about the users’ opinions. Ratings to the surveys were used to prioritize requirements. The survey was compiled by 88 people; we used  those scores and the User Test feedbacks to understand how TherapyRoom would be received.  The results show that both clients and psychotherapists will receive this service  enthusiastically, due to a lack of a therapy tool.

Messaggio pubblicitario Generally, it seems that most people are not fully satisfied with the already existing platforms used for psychotherapy. They would use a tool that makes therapy easier and ensures  privacy and security. We are planning to develop also a virtual waiting room and specific environments for different mental health needs, and the support for VR and avatar-based  therapies, as well as a mobile application version of the site.

TherapyRoom would help a large amount of mental health professionals and clients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemics, but it would also be extremely useful in the future since e-health rates have been rising and there is no other platform providing the same service. Therefore, this website will not only be crucial in the short term, but also in the long run.


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