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ECDP: Digital Perspectives in Psychology – Milan, 19th-20th February 2021

Digital Perspectives in Psychology - Virtual Forum, 19th-20th February 2021, the first edition of the European Conference on Digital Psychology

Modalità Virtual Congress
A chi è rivolto l'evento? psicologi,psicoterapeuti,medici e psichiatri,altro
Data e ora Dal 19 febbraio al 20 febbraio - 09:00 - 18:00
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First Edition

European Conference on Digital Psychology:

Digital Perspectives in Psychology

VIRTUAL FORUM, 19th-20th February 2021

  Digital Perspectives in Psychology is the first Italian event of the First European Conference on Digital Psychology. The conference deals with the future perspectives and prospects of applying digital and technological aspects to Psychology. It will focus on E-Therapy, Videogames and serious games, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Social Media, Digital Learning and Blended Teaching. New technologies and digital innovations are drastically changing behaviours, learning methods, psychological phenomena and research, as well as diagnostic and rehabilitative techniques in psychology. Technological developments concern a double aspect: on the one hand, they are promising diagnostic and therapeutic tools; on the other, they can generate important changes, not just social changes, but psychological and mental ones too, which must be investigated. This scenario offers new challenges and new opportunities for the several theoretical and applicative fields of psychological sciences.  

Reasons Why You Should Attend the Conference

International speakers

Our speakers will illustrate how psychology is evolving thanks to new technologies, reviewing the latest in Digital Psychology and presenting their latest research.


Our sponsors and partners will show how their products and digital tools can support and improve the work of psychologists, from research to clinical practice.

Poster sessions

Poster sessions will highlight the huge impact of technological progress on Psychology, offering the chance to exchange ideas and promote the growth of young researchers.  


Virtual Forum - Taking into account the international pandemic situation and people safety, the forum has been moved online. The virtual forum will retain the essential characteristics of live conferences and will allow participants to test some novelties: Live Session with questions and answers, Networking Lounge for a interactive posters session, one-to-one meetings, exhibitor area and gamification. Languages: Italian or English To learn more about the programme of the Conference, please visit the dedicated webpage  

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Freeman

Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford Professor Freeman is pioneering virtual reality (VR) as a treatment for people with severe mental health problems. In recent years, he has been developing and testing automated psychological therapy delivered in VR. Through VR we can place people into computer simulations of the situations that trouble them in the real world. Immersive VR could become a way for people to access the very best psychological therapy.  


SFU Student:

  • Early registration € 150
  • Late registration € 170
All university students (bachelor, master, and Ph.D.):
  • Early registration € 180
  • Late registration € 200
  • Early registration € 210
  • Late registration € 230
Professional CBT-Italia members will get a 10% discount by entering the code CBTITALIA during registration. Proof of enrolment to CBT-ITALIA is required (e.g., screenshot of the personal page containing name and surname, badge number). If you are a student and also a CBT-Italia member you will not have access to the 10% discount. Early registration deadline: 15th October 2020. Late registration deadline: 15th December 2020. To learn more about registration, please visit the the dedicated webpage  

Conference Organiser: Sigmund Freud University Milano

Sigmund Freud University is a private international university with headquarters in Vienna and a network of departments in Berlin, Paris, Ljubljana and Milan. Founded in 2005 with an international development programme, it is now recognised in Austria as a reference institution for training, research and clinical activity in the psychological field. Today, Sigmund Freud University has about 5.000 students and supports teaching activities with clinical interventions in psychology clinics for adults, children and migrants for a total of about 2.500 users per year. The SFU Headquarters campus is located in the Prater Park near the University of Vienna’s Economics Campus. As a result of the encounter between consolidated Viennese tradition and a group of qualified Italian professionals, researchers, psychologists and psychotherapists, SFU Milan, the Italian headquarters of Sigmund Freud University, was founded in 2014. SFU Milan offers Bachelor’s (Bachelorstudium Psychologie) and Master’s (Masterstudium Psychologie) degrees in Psychology with two different clinical programs. At the end of the course of study, students receive a double-value certificate: degrees obtained in accordance with the Austrian academic system are also officially accredited in Italy. Visit SFU Milano website   

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Conference Organiser: Sigmund Freud University Milano Partners: Studi Cognitivi, group of psychotherapy schools specializing in CBT, and State of Mind, online journal of psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience and psychiatry  
Modalità Virtual Congress
A chi è rivolto l'evento? psicologi,psicoterapeuti,medici e psichiatri,altro
Data e ora Dal 19 febbraio al 20 febbraio - 09:00 - 18:00
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