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Duffy Anne


Anne Duffy - Psychiatrist - Calgary CanadaAnne Duffy


CAIP Professorship in Youth Mental Health and Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary


I am a psychiatrist with a focus on advancing understanding of the early natural history of mood disorders in youth.  This research aims to understand the nature of inherited vulnerability, describe the natural history and associated biological markers and identify early targets for effective treatment and prevention of recurrence, morbidity and mortality.  I am the principal investigator of a study of offspring of bipolar parents funded by CIHR yielding novel findings characterizing the early clinical stages in the development of bipolar disorder and investigating associated biological, psychological and social influences.  With funding from the CAIP Professorship, I am developing an integrated clinical research program for patients with primary recurrent mood disorders, their adult relatives and children at the FMC.  This translational research platform seeks to advance understanding of mood disorders within individuals over development and across generations. The cornerstone of successful translation research is based on careful clinical characterization. PROFILE




SOPSI 2014 – Sessione Plenaria: The Early Natural History Of Bipolar Disorder. A. Duffy, Calgary Canada
The Early Natural History Of Bipolar Disorder, Anne Duffy. Report dalla Sessione Plenaria SOPSI 2014. 18° Congresso della Società Italiana di Psicopatologia