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Jeffrey Pella

Jeffrey Pella

DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY PhD in Psychology, University of Reading


PhD in Psychology, University of Reading

MSc in Developmental Psychopathology, University of Reading

BA in Psychology, Roger Williams University






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My principal research interest rests in the intergenerational transmission of anxiety disorders. During my post-graduate studies, I worked as part of a longitudinal study investigating the effects of social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder on mothers’ interactions with their children. I gained the skills necessary to develop detailed coding systems for quantifying mothers’ behavior and discourse during interactions with their children. These coding systems were used in order to elucidate mechanisms in the transmission of anxiety from mother to child. In conjunction with my work in the field of anxiety disorders, I have also developed a strong interest in both behavioral inhibition and infant attachment. Clinically I have experience in the diagnosis of anxiety, mood and behavior disorders in both adults and children. In this capacity I was also trained to administer cognitive behavioral therapy, and, upon learning these techniques, used them to provide treatment to the mothers of anxious children. Presently, I am a clinical research associate in the school of medicine at the University of Maryland. I am working on a sequential multiple assessment randomized trail (SMART) investigating family trauma treatment.

SMART methodology: sequential multiple assignment randomized trial
A SMART methodology is unique trial as it uses multiple randomizations and a tailoring variable to customize treatment to meet individuals’ needs.
Family History and Anxiety #4
Family History and Anxiety #4: Anxious parents tend to have anxious children and there is some evidence for the specificity of anxiety transmission.
Family History and Anxiety #3
Researchers have investigated the familial aggregation of anxiety disorders using both top-down and bottom-up methodologies.
Family History and Anxiety #2
Family History and Anxiety - In addition to anxiety in general, studies have examined the familial history if individuals with social phobia.