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Slocombe Katie

Graduated from University of Nottingham

Katie SlocombeSlocombe Katie, PhD

Graduated from University of Nottingham before completing a PhD at the University of St Andrews. Stayed to do two years post-doctoral work with the Evolutionary Psychology group in St Andrews before joining York. Research interests centre around using the comparative approach to understand how elements of human language evolved. Her previous and current work focusses on chimpanzee vocal communication and in particular, the extent to which our closest living relatives can use calls to refer to objects and events in the external environment and the psychological mechanisms underlying call production. This behavioural work is conducted with both wild and captive populations of chimpanzees.

PROFILE: http://www.york.ac.uk/psychology/staff/faculty/ks553/


Sei più intelligente dello scimpanzé? – Psicologia Comparativa
Un progetto divulgativo delle università di York e Portsmouth, finanziato dalla British Psychological Society per promuovere la psicologia comparativa.